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Best Sports Betting Advice & Picks from Our Expert Handicapper

At Machine Picks we offer our members top sports betting advice from our own personal expert handicapper, The Machine.  Our expert offers a skilled angle on sports betting where he has extensive experience in the art of capping.  Check out his personal expert handicapper story on our about page.

Our expert handicapper’s main goal is to provide our members with knowledgeable sports betting advice that he draws from his past sports experiences, as well as various assortments of intangible factors, historical figures, statistics, and a wide array of trends all as a means by which to increase their bankroll.  Though this formula cannot be released you can feel confident that comprised of dozens of essential tools that ultimately ensure its success rate.

The Machine has a proven track record that demonstrates his excellent handicapping abilities which have resulted in a loyal following of customers.  In the end our handicapper’s only goal is to spread the wealth amongst sports bettors who have faith in his practice and to make money for you!

Seasons Records

2015 NFL8752+312.17$31,217
2015 NCAAF7239+337.54$33,754
2015-2016 NBA12789+368.84$36,884
2015-2016 NCAAB10469+301.68$30,168
2016 MLB15991+454.14$45,414

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