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Who is “The Machine”?

I started capping sports many years ago and gained a large following from posting on various forums as well as on Twitter. When I first started I posted all my picks for free to allow everyone to try out my service and build their bankroll. This was proof of my success to the new followers and showed that I am the real deal. Due to the amount of hours I spend each day picking winners, I left my old life behind and this became my full time job. I live and breathe sports and I will show you how to build your bankroll!

I once again gave all of my expert MLB picks for free for 3 weeks to start the 2013 MLB season. We had another great run going 42-20 (67.7%). I like doing this every now and then again to allow everyone toSports Betting build their bankrolls and show that my records and success are legitimate. For continued proof, Free Sport Leans are posted almost daily under Today’s Picks. These Leans consistently hit at a 60% rate! There are many services out there and I want to make sure you know that going with me is a profitable choice. I win and win consistently.. I am here to help YOU WIN money, not take your money.

The formula that is used in sports handicapping process cannot be revealed, however there are dozens of tools used to ensure success. In addition to the pure numbers, I use a wide array of trends and intangibles to make my picks. Being a former athlete, I feel I have a deeper understanding of the mental aspects of the game. I am a proven handicapper with a loyal following and my goal is to spread the wealth and keep it away from Vegas! Sign up if you want to tear them down with us!.

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Sign Up To Destroy Your Books! Proven And Successful Handicapping!