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How Will the Spurs Do This Year?


As the 2015-2016 NBA season kicks off and it may still be a bit too early for some to tell just how well the San Antonio Spurs will perform this season, it is our NBA prediction that they may just prove themselves a possible contender concerning the championship campaign. With the just the right amount of revamping, resigning and reloading ... Read More »

NBA: Are the Cavaliers and LeBron Worth Betting On?

NBA NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

Are the Cavaliers and LeBron worth betting on? The NBA season has just begun, but the word in the world of sports and sports betting is that Cleveland, and not Golden State, is the clear favorite to win the Championship. NBA predictions stem from the fact that even with LeBron carrying his entire team on his back during the 2015 ... Read More »

NBA / Are the Lakers and Kobe Worth Betting On?

NBA NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

In the land of NBA predictions, Kobe and the Lake Show have had quite the mountain to overcome. Last year in the off-season, they lost Gasol to the Bulls and Jodie Meeks to the Pistons. They couldn’t acquire Carmelo or LeBron, no matter what they tried. In March, Steve Nash announced his retirement. Finally, the NBA season opened with only ... Read More »

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