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Sports Handicapping?

Free Sports Betting & Predictions

Handicapping is quite a subtle and refined skill, and many sports bettors are on the lookout for one to help them win and want to be one themselves. Do you know what they are? Handicapping involves analyzing teams and seeing which is most likely to win a game. Sports handicapping was primarily the purview of equestrianism but has become common ... Read More »

Free Sport Betting Tips

Football Betting & Expert Picks

Betting is a risky business. It is inherent in the trade and adds to the excitement of watching a favorite sports team. Shouldn’t a person get advice on such a thing before trying it? Here we offer you some free sports betting tips so that, despite its risk, we can help you ensure a good outcome. The most important aspect ... Read More »

NCAA Basketball: Do Holiday Games Predict the Future?

NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

Do Holiday tournaments predict the future? In some instances, they seem to. UConn, for example, won two national titles in 2010 and 2013 after stellar holiday game wins. Running on the energy from these exciting tournaments, many college teams propel themselves all the way to the top. NCAA basketball predictions take the ego-inflating power of these types of achievements into ... Read More »

Free Basketball Betting Tips

Free Sport Betting Tips & Predictions

Did you know that the NBA is one of the toughest challenges for bettors? It is highly important to get consensus data and a lot of research under your belt before diving into this area. It is important to study how the public bets and recognize, rightly, that most are amateurs at best and merely bet on favorites. In any ... Read More »

NCAA Basketball Predictions, Miami Hurricanes

NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

The Miami Hurricanes are a very interesting team at this juncture. This time last year, it was unknown how they would fare because they had nine newcomers. Now we know—they reached as high as No. 15 in the polls and made the NIT final. Now that the former newbies are a bit more seasoned for the 2015 season, NCAA basketball ... Read More »

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