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What Is a Betting Spread?

Free Sport Betting Tips & Predictions

Sport betting spreads are beyond a simple “win/lose” scenario. While most times in betting there is an underdog, the betting spread is a handicap toward the one less likely to win. The payoff for a betting spread is on the accuracy of the wager, not on the end result, which creates a dynamic bet between each side, despite the fact ... Read More »

NCAA Basketball Kansas Predictions

NBA NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

The Kansas Jayhawks are one of the best NCAA basketball teams in the nation every year. According to our pre-season NCAA basketball predictions you can expect that this year will be the same old story for the Jayhawks. As a team that will be competing for national and conference titles next season, here are some expert basketball predictions for the Jayhawks that ... Read More »

NCAA Basketball Duke Prediction

NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

With Duke’s fifth National Championship title in school history behind them, this season could very well mark the first back-to-back champion win since the 1991-1992 season for the Blue Devils. With veteran Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, and Jahil Okafor departed it will be up to the number one recruiting class to bring take the Blue Devils past the Final Four. ... Read More »

NCAA Basketball Kentucky Prediction

We look to yet another NCAA basketball season with Kentucky being among the best team in the nation. That being said, even with their highly talented team and much experience, nothing is guaranteed in this sport. This year with a mostly new roster, it is difficult to know just what to expect in terms of Kentucky NCAA basketball predictions. For ... Read More »

NCAA Basketball Preseason Prediction

NBA NCAA Basketball Betting & Predictions

There is no way that the final week of NCAA basketball preseason would be complete without a some NCAA predictions, that might in a few months either look wildly accurate. So, without further ado, here are some off the wall predictions for this NCAA basketball season, that may or may not help you if you are into NCAA betting. What ... Read More »

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