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Free Sport Betting Tips

Football Betting & Expert Picks

Betting is a risky business. It is inherent in the trade and adds to the excitement of watching a favorite sports team. Shouldn’t a person get advice on such a thing before trying it? Here we offer you some free sports betting tips so that, despite its risk, we can help you ensure a good outcome. The most important aspect ... Read More »

Free Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Prediction Strategy

Football is as American as it comes, and millions sit riveted to their screen as the last minutes are numbered and the game comes to a close. At that last moment, many cheer, but the gamblers among us are the real winners. Here are some free football betting tips so that you can win big-time like them. The first and ... Read More »

What Is a Betting Spread?

Free Sport Betting Tips & Predictions

Sport betting spreads are beyond a simple “win/lose” scenario. While most times in betting there is an underdog, the betting spread is a handicap toward the one less likely to win. The payoff for a betting spread is on the accuracy of the wager, not on the end result, which creates a dynamic bet between each side, despite the fact ... Read More »

NCAA Football Midseason Roundup

NCAAF Betting Advice

This NCAA football season is only half over and boy has it been an eventful one thus far. Already there has been one future Hall of Fame coach resignation, four FBS coaches fired, and one suspended for a total of three games. And that is just the action off the field! Additionally, injuries to key players are widespread, four of ... Read More »

College Football Predictions

NCAAF Betting Advice

The best way to begin your college football predictions is to do your homework. Most predictions are really just common sense. Study as much as possible and make a mental checklist of everything you learn so that you can apply it to each and every game you handicap and bet on. Here we offer you some easy, simple tips for ... Read More »

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