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Football Betting Tips Proven Successful By The Pros

Successful By The Pros

If you are into betting on football, or are considering exploring such a sport, the odds are that you are in it to win it. Who isn’t after all, right? If this is you then allow us, here are some betting tips by the pros that are sworn to help you become successful in your venture. Football Betting Tips 101 ... Read More »

Bail On The Football Betting Prediction Strategy

Americian NFL Bettings

The football betting prediction strategy is a method that can be referred to as one of which the gambler bets unsophisticatedly with their heart as opposed to their head. It is a means by which the gambler uses more of a prophecy type approach when selecting their best, the crystal ball method if you will. Read More »

Historical College Football Betting Trends

Historical College Football

What is the cardinal rule when it comes to predicting the future, or should we say the only way to have a reasonable prediction of the future? That is right, looking into the past. Football betting is not about intuitions or feelings, that is how squares bet, and we can assure you that such betting will lead you to one ultimate destiny, with a broken bankroll. Read More »

Free Football Betting Tips: Add Sharper Edges To Your Square

NCAAF Betting Advice

Football gambling can be a very satisfying, lucrative and entertaining sport given you are armed with the right methods to show a profit. When it comes to sports betting, you will find two main categories of betters, the "squares" and the "sharps." You can consider the squares to be those impulsive betters. Those that are less sophisticated about the art and place their bets on ‘hunches'. Read More »

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