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Who Is “The Machine”?

The Machine started capping sports many years ago and gained a large following from posting on various forums as well as on Twitter. Back in 2011, all picks were free to allow everyone to try out our service and build their bankrolls. This was proof of our success to the new followers and showed that we are the real deal. Due to the amount of hours spent each day picking winners, fees started being charged for our service. All followers were happy to pay the small fee required to continue to receiving our winners. Our Members have been with us since 2011 and are enjoying cashing out year after year! Since then we have been featured numerous places including: Business Insider, USA Today, Sportsnaut, Yard Barker, Yahoo News and more.

Free Plays continue to be given weekly so all followers can build their bankrolls and see for themselves what this service is all about. These plays consistently hit at a 60% rate! There are many services out there and we want to make sure you know that going with us is a profitable choice. We win and win consistently! Our goal is to help everyone make money in this industry, regardless of if you are a sports fan!

Formula that is used in sports handicapping process cannot be revealed, however there are dozens of tools used to ensure success. In addition to the pure numbers, a wide array of trends and intangibles are used to make picks. We are a proven handicapping team with a loyal following and our goal is to spread the wealth and keep it away from Vegas! Sign up if you ready to start making profits following our winning picks!