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2017 Super Bowl Prediction

One of the best football betting tips to really make the most of your money is to place wagers on the results of the upcoming Super Bowl. Our 2017 Super Bowl predictions are based on the odds that each team has as well as the different changes that the NFL teams have made during the off-season. It’s tough to say which teams have the best shot, but currently there are between six and eight teams that look very likely to take the top spot in Super Bowl 51

Which Teams Will Make it to the Final Rounds?

According to the raw statistics the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are favored to be in Super Bowl 51. Both of these teams could have a good shot at making it to the big game, but just because the odds point in their favor doesn’t mean much. Especially when both of last year’s Super Bowl teams are still looking quite strong.

The Panthers Have a Shot

Cam Newton has already proven himself a very strong quarterback, and the rest of the Panthers lineup is reliable as well with the team displaying one of the best defensive lineups around. The team has a decent shot at making it through the playoffs once again this year and taking the Super Bowl that many say was stolen from them last year.

Broncos Could Do Surprisingly Well

The Denver Broncos have a rock solid defensive lineup that stood against the Panthers and most of the rest of the teams in the NFL without issue. Even though the team still has yet to pick a quarterback, it looks like they could have a very solid season, and if the chosen starter quarterback ends up performing well enough the team could make it to another Super Bowl appearance.

While odds dictate that the Patriots or the Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl, there are plenty of powerful options with betting on. Making exact football betting predictions is tough, we’re expecting two of the four teams listed above to make a showing.

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