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Looking Ahead To Potential MLB Postseason Wagers

If the regular season ended right now in the MLB, these would be the matchups: the Yankees, the Royals, and the surprising Astros would all be the division winners in the American League with the two wild card spots going to the Angels and the Blue Jays. In the National League the Mets—I know, right? The Cardinals and the Dodgers both hold the leads for their division, with the Wild Card spots going to the Pirates and Nationals. The tightest division race in the A.L. is out west where six games are all that separate the Astros from the Angels and Texans. In the N.L., the Giants and Dodgers are about to battle it out down the stretch for the division, while the N.L. East is a slugfest between the Mets and the Nationals.

Why Not Paying Attention to the Standings Can Be Key

When it comes to a postseason betting baseball preview, it can be more valuable to monitor what team is on a hot streak than which team is running away with the division by 10 games. One reference of note is the 2007 Colorado Rockies, who won 14 of their final 15 games to squeak in as the N.L. Wild Card. They proceeded to the sweep through the N.L. without losing a game before they succumbed to the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. In 2008 the Philadelphia Phillies went 13-3 in August, getting hot at the right time and rolling through the post season to a World Series title without dropping more than one game in any series.

Staying with the Hot Team

While any MLB baseball betting preview will try to predict the “hot” team, it’s important to look for trends yourself. Teams versus division rivals, players coming off the DL, pitchers’ tendencies in August (Do they tire or get stronger down the stretch?), and home versus away records can all give strong indications of what teams are poised to make a run at the postseason.

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