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Baseball Over/Under Betting Strategy

“It’s not important whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

The old adage is something that sports fans have probably heard. Not only does the saying work well for baseball, but it also applies to baseball betting, particularly with certain strategies.

As popular as baseball is, betting on the sport may be just as popular, and there are several ways to go about it. An experienced bettor needs to understand the intricacies of the different strategies, whether he is looking at a money line wager—which is concerned only with who wins and who loses—or a wager involving the total score, which is where the over-under betting strategy comes in. An over-under betting strategy might be a simpler way to bet on a baseball game, because there’s less to keep track of, and less information to manage.

Over Under Betting

When it comes to betting on baseball, for many fans it’s not about who will win or lose, but about the number of points the teams will score. This betting style is referred to as the over-under bet. A baseball over/under betting strategy doesn’t require choosing a winner but instead determining how many runs both teams will score overall.An over-under betting strategy looks at whether both teams will score a combined run total that comes in higher or lower than the sports books are predicting.
If, for example, the sports books set a Seattle Mariners/New York Yankees game at 8, if an individual bettor thinks that there won’t be many runs scored, she would bet under. As long as the two teams score seven or fewer runs, that person’s bet would win.At, we provide information for education and entertainment. We strive to help people understand how sports betting works and to entertain them as much as possible.

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