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Bet Against The Spread

From the money line bet to the bet against the spread, there are several different approaches to placing a wager on a baseball game. While the money line bet is strictly concerned with the outcome, to bet against the spread means to make a wager that will be decided after the game is over, by adding points to your team or the opponent. A bet against the spread in baseball is concerned with the number of runs a team will score, for example.

Understanding the Spread

In baseball, the spread refers to the range of outcomes that can happen in a single baseball game, as determined by the sports book. With a bit of research and patience, the spread can be a bettor’s friend. Betting against the spread is one way to make a situation a bit more balanced for all. Say your favorite team, Team Marbles, which happens to be the best in the league, is being matched against Team Sticks, which is the team with the worst record. A bet against the spread makes it more attractive for fans of Team Sticks to place a bet, even if their win is a long shot.

Let’s pretend you’re betting for Team Marbles to win by 10 points over the opponents, Team Sticks. This means that, for your bet against the spread to be successful, Team Marbles would have to score 11 or more points. If they score just 10 points, sports books would call that a push.

To be confident in a bet against the spread, one needs to examine the spread and the variables that could affect a team’s game play. In sports betting, a strong understanding of how favorites play, and how certain factors affect them, can help the bettor to feel more confident when it comes to placing a bet against the spread.

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