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What NL Team Has The Best Chance To Sneak Into The Post-Season ?

Charging down the last portion of the MLB regular season, the playoff picture is still not set in stone. While there are a few teams that look like a lock when making baseball playoff predictions, there are also a few outsiders peeking in with a good shot of playing in October.

The Crazy NL Wild Cards and Small Division Leads

While the Cardinals have a clear lead in the NL Central, both the Pittsburg Pirates and the Cubs are battling it out for the Wild Card spots. The Pirates are currently in second place at 65-44, with the Cubs right on their heels at 62-48. These two are the only teams with over 60 wins that are not in first place. In the NL East, the Washington Nationals sit at 58-53 and are on the outside looking in at this point. Similarly, the San Francisco Giants sit in second place in the NL West behind the Dodgers at 59-52. While out of the Wild Card at the moment, the Giants are close on the tail of the Dodgers, who have been slumping of late.

Division or Bust for Some Teams

When making baseball playoff predictions it’s important to look at the chance a team has of getting a Wild Card versus its chance at the division title. While the Yankees and Blue Jays battle it out in the AL East, the Angels and Astros slug it out in the West. The Central, however, seems already to have been decided, with the Royals holding a 12-game lead on the division. The Wild Cards certainly have opened up the possibilities for many teams. However, weaker divisions suffer because of poor records, and those teams are usually left on the outside.

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