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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Making The Right Baseball Picks For October

We are halfway through August, and the MLB post-season is still uncertain. With the extra Wild Card, more teams have a chance to enter into the post-season with a chance at a World Series birth. However, making baseball predictions in 2015 can be full of false-starts and dead-ends. Let’s take a quick glance and what to look for in a successful post-season.

Experience and Plenty of Arms

When interviewing for a job, one of the most important qualifications a candidate can have is the right kind of experience. You wouldn’t hire someone with no experience over someone with, say, two years of demonstrated success. Right now, his analogy applies to the Cardinals and Mets. The Mets have surprisingly held steady in the race for the NL East against the Nationals. The Cardinals, meanwhile, have the best record in baseball. The difference in these teams if it comes down to post-season baseball predictions 2015 is experience.

The Cardinals are full of veteran players who made the World Series in 2013 and won the fall classic back in 2011. While the Mets may have some dynamite arms in Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and the apparently immortal Bartolo Colon, the only one with real experience is Colon.

The Cardinal’s Seriously Dominant Pitching

Still not convinced about the Cardinals’ chances? Consider this: their pitching staff is on pace to do something historical. They currently have five pitchers with at least ten starts and an ERA under 3.00. Only three teams have accomplished this since the lowered-mound era began in 1969. The baseball postseason comes down to both pitching and experience, so if you’re making baseball predictions in 2015, don’t sleep on the Cardinals.

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