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Surprising Results Throughout The Baseball Regular Season

Making baseball season predictions is especially tough due to the length of the season. Injuries, trades, firings, slumps, hitting streaks, and hot pitchers all play a huge factor in defining a team’s season. Let’s take a look at some surprising results as we wind down the regular season.

Failures to Launch

The Detroit Tigers have been a perennial playoff team the last few years. With triple-crown winner Miguel Cabrera and pitchers like Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and David Price, the Tigers were expected to contend for another AL Central title. However, injuries to Cabreara, the loss of Sherzer over the off-season, and the mid-season trade of Price have signaled a downturn for the Tigers—turning them into sellers instead of buyers at the trade-deadline.

Two years removed from a World Series title—the Boston Red Sox find themselves in the basement of the AL East. With a mix of both young talent and veterans, the Red Sox were thought to contend in the AL. However, Hanley Ramirez and Pedro Sandoval haven’t produced as expected. And while Xander Bogaerts is a promising young talent, he is not ready to carry a team. David Ortiz can still hit the ball out of the park, but is not nearly as efficient or deadly a hitter he once was. With the recent season-ending injury to closer Koji Uehara, this looks to be a lost season for the Sox.

Learning the backstory

With some teams, it is obvious what direction they are heading, making any baseball season predictions practically a sure thing. However, for those middle-of-the-pack teams like the Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers, and Blue Jays, who start off the season with such promise, it can be a tougher call. Looking at whether a team is buying or selling, the age of the roster, and certain contracts, can help you pick the winners when it comes to baseball season predictions.

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