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Looking In The Crystal Ball For October

Are you looking for that team of destiny to ride through the postseason and ultimately win at betting baseball? Wondering what baseball sports betting picks will provide the big money this October? Sometimes looking at the past can help predict the future.

Are You Experienced?

Looking at the standings right now, there are a couple teams with issues that may affect their ability to succeed this postseason. Championship teams often have a healthy mix of veterans and young talent, and it’s often said that a team must fail before it can succeed. Other clichés point towards experience as a big factor when it comes to the postseason. Division leaders like the Mets and Astros right now lack that postseason experience. On the flip side, teams like the Cardinals and Giants have obviously had the past postseason success that can be an important factor when choosing a team to wager on come October.

Looking to Break Through

Looking at some of the potential contenders this year, there are several teams that have gained some experience and are looking to take that next step. The Royals almost became an outlier last year in many ways. From small-ball, no-name grinders, they made it all the way to the World Series. This year, they are no longer a surprise, and expectations have been raised. The Pittsburgh Pirates have also been knocking on the postseason door the last few years, but no one has welcomed them with open arms just yet. Windows of opportunity only last so long. With free agents, aging players, injuries, contracts, and fluctuating production, these teams are in the “do or die” mode this year, and only a World Series birth may satisfy their expectations.

Rolling the Dice

Figuring out the perfect formula for baseball sports betting picks is no simple task. Should you ride the veteran team or take a chance on inexperience breaking through? However, the playoff race is still wide open, and luckily there are almost two months of games left to gather more evidence.

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