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Betting Against Struggling Teams As The Season Winds Down

It’s safe to say that some MLB teams’ seasons just didn’t go as planned. On the other hand, you knew all along that others would be disasters. Kudos if you bet against the Philadelphia Phillies through the first half of the regular season. Managing to lose over 60 games is no small task! Being consistently terrible however can work in your favor. Let’s look at some hopeless teams that make for the best bets today in the MLB.

Taking Advantage of a Team’s Misery

The Phillies aren’t alone in sucking it up this season. Actually, the Phillies have been one of the hotter teams since the all-star break but still sit at a miserable 46-69. They share the basement with the Marlins, who own the exact same record.

The Loser Brewers and the Rocky Rockies

Other bottom feeders are the Milwaukee Brewers and the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies traded away their best player in Troy Tulowitzki and lost Dexter Fowler in the off-season. With no hope of making the playoffs, both the Brewers and the Rockies are prime candidates to bet against. However, the Rockies home field always provides interesting over/under lines. Coors Field, due to its high elevation, is well known as a great hitter’s park, evidenced by the fact the Rockies are still fifth in the league in total runs scored at 501 and second in the league in slugging percentage.

Hey, It’s Not Your Fault Those Teams Are Terrible

Preying on the weak when it comes to wagers can give you some of the best bets today in the MLB. While your attention may be drawn to the top of the division board, especially as the post-season approaches, you can really do some damage betting on the losers. So while you are gearing up for the post-season, give the losers of the 2015 MLB season some love…. by totally betting against them.

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