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Can Golden State Repeat as NBA Champs

When it comes to the Golden State, so many people are wondering if they’re going to be able to make it to the top as champs again, and while you might think that they are going to be left behind, there are actually reasons why they are the top expert prediction for this coming season. Are you ready to put them on the top of your brackets? If not, then you should be because these reasons are some of the best out there that show you why anyone would want to put their NBA betting cash down on them.


Reasons Why They Are the Repeat Champs

The Warriors choose not to play Klay Thompson and Steph Curry in the same court during the preseason, which explains why they work so well together. The Warriors can get everyone’s best performance, like they did last year, which means that they have a strong confidence court advantage. Shaun Livingston was new to the team last year, giving him a slower start, but still making them champs and now he is unstoppable when he hits the court, meaning other teams are in trouble. The players are all in shape, and have the right attitude to get the job done, play well together and have that competitive advantage. It is just a great mix of people on one team that is going to be hard to stop.


The Machine Picks has many free betting tips and expert advice for putting down that NBA prediction and bet that you’re going to be doing. Make sure that you have the right teams that are going to make it to the top this season. You will not be disappointed when you find out that the Warriors might go all the way, especially if they’re on your roster for this year’s winner.

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