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College Football Betting vs. NFL Betting

There are many reasons why college football betting and National Football League betting are very different sports. As the many aspects of each separate one from the other and thus different strategies should be implemented in wagering on each.

College Football is Unpredictable

Differences included in college football betting are that there are likely to be more sharp shooters, or seasoned gamblers, if you will. Sharp bettors are those referred to as the ones that go into a bet with a plan. They are experienced and do not act impulsively. They wager with their head and not their heart. In addition, they, generally speaking, have some extra insight or insider information that gives them a fervent advantage over the books.

Another reason that betting on college football is a completely different ballgame than its NFL counterpart is due to the abundance of games. Throughout any given week during college football season there are a large magnitude of games available to bettors as opposed to a week of NFL football. Where Saturdays alone host a whopping thirty plus games!

The spread is another notable difference in college football betting versus NFL betting. Where in the National football league it is a rare occasion to see a team favored by a three touchdown spread. However, in the NCAA or college football, it is not uncommon to see lines of negative thirty and even greater, particularly in the early season.

In addition, college football betting is more unpredictable than NFL betting where there are many frequent unknowns. For instance, it is not an uncommon practice for college coaches to run up the score in an attempt to impress and in doing so perhaps throw in a third string to reward him with some good game time after say a good week of practice. These uncertainties make it all the more necessary to rely on someone with experience, to gather your stats and picks from a reliable source. A proven source.

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