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College Football Predictions

The best way to begin your college football predictions is to do your homework. Most predictions are really just common sense. Study as much as possible and make a mental checklist of everything you learn so that you can apply it to each and every game you handicap and bet on. Here we offer you some easy, simple tips for getting started:


Money Management

When making college football predictions for the first time, you want to exercise proper money management. The smartest thing to do is regulate how much money you are getting in the beginning. There are a lot of ups and downs in sports, and unpredictable things often happen. Don’t go broke right away! Start by betting lower amounts until you get several college football predictions under your belt.


It’s a Long Season

Be selective and know that you don’t have to bet on every single game. College football predictions are not a way to get rich quick. Football gambling is a grind, and at best you are only going to win 60 percent of your games, which can provide for a very nice return on your investment.


Bet Against Spreads

Betting against public favorites over -30 has a huge win rate. Keep in mind that point spreads are based on public perception. The bookie dangles the carrot just a few inches away from the reality of the situation with a line that is just good enough to dupe novice bettors into taking, but just inches away from what will really happen in the game.


Keep Track of Your Bets

There are many reasons for keeping track of bets. First, you want to be able to see what is working for you and what isn’t. Toss what isn’t and pay more attention to what is. Second, you want to have a notation of what your open bets are in case you ever run into problems.

Following these tips can help ensure your college football predictions are lucrative moving forward.

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