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Nailing Down The Race For October Immortality

After a flurry of deals before the trade deadline, MLB rosters are now taking their final forms for a run at the World Series. Today we’ll take a look at some expert picks in the MLB and try to nail down which team has the best shot of bringing euphoria to the baseball fans in its city.

The Best of the Best of the Best

While stars like Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Bryce Harper, and Nelson Cruz may get all the highlights, teams like the Cardinals, Royals, Astros and Giants keep racking up. The Cardinals are poised for a run once again but will have to deal with the loss of Matt Holiday. The Royals continue to ride the season-long steadiness of Edison Volquez—but can names like Eric Hosmer, Omar Infant, and Alcides Escobar keep pace with the star power on other teams?

The surprising Houston Astros find themselves in first place atop the A.L. Central. With a bevy of young talent, the Astros are out to prove they belong. The Pirates meanwhile sit on the 3rd best record in baseball at 61-43. But can they overcome the loss of A.J Burnett?

The Rest of the Possible Best

Other teams making a push, like the Nationals, need to keep their players off the DL and on the field if they want to fulfill the preseason expert MLB picks. The Yankees with the potent hitting of A-Rod and Mark Texiera look to take the pinstripes back to the post-season, but Marina Rivera is not walking out of the bullpen. The Angels and Dodgers look to get the LA area back in the postseason. Much of the outcome for the Dodgers will depend on the arms of Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, while the Angels need a pitcher or two to step up.

Parsing Through the Post-season Possibilities

Baseball playoffs are a roll of the dice. One injury, one red hot bat, or one month of dominant pitching can change the trajectory for a team. We are getting down to the days where every pitch counts, and soon we’ll find out who will make their historic mark.

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