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Historical College Football Betting Trends

What is the cardinal rule when it comes to predicting the future, or should we say the only way to have a reasonable prediction of the future? That is right, looking into the past. Football betting is not about intuitions or feelings, that is how squares bet, and we can assure you that such betting will lead you to one ultimate destiny, with a broken bankroll. Rather football betting is about facts, statistics, and numbers. All of which come in terms of gambling. This is the proper way to gamble. The way to win.

Looking at the history of the sport, the history of the teams, the players, the matchups and past betting trends one can develop a reasonable understanding of what to expect in the future. This particularly effective in National League Football betting , but unfortunately NCAA football betting can be a bit more, for lack of a better word, tricky.

College football is unpredictable, there are many uncertainties. From personnel change ups, to injury reports and even to game strategies (take for example blow out games) and so predicting current climate, current betting trends or recommendations can become that much more difficult.

Most Reliable Betting Trends

For this reason it is essential that these betting trends, the players, past game histories, and past matchup results be analyzed by experienced handicappers. It is furthermore imperative that this professional use specific processes to analyze their data. That he implement an established and positively demonstrated formula of which is used during his handicapping process.

You cannot predict the future if you have not studied the past, and no one is more educated on the past of college football than The Machine, who lives to breathe sports and who’s ultimate desire in life is to make YOU money.

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