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Knowing the NFL Landscape for 2015

Almost as heartbreaking as enduring the trials and tribulations of your favorite NFL team is the scorn of going through a terrible season of fantasy football. Pride. So much pride goes into fantasy leagues every year and along with broken hearts, there are disintegrated egos. But this year can be different, and we are here to help. Let’s take a look at some fantasy picks and NFL predictions for 2015.


Don’t Dare Take a Quarterback in the Top 5

Take it from our NFL betting system. Of course it’s now well known that you can find value in the third or fourth round when it comes to quarterbacks. Unless it’s a Peyton Manning 2013 type season, your best bet—as is the standard—is a running back. Of the top ten rated fantasy players for this year, nine are running backs, with the lone non-QB being wide-receiver Antonio Brown. In many mock drafts, Adrian Peterson is back in the top five with Le’veon Bell taking the top overall spot in many rankings. Eddie Lacy and Jamal Charles are also off the board very early, with Marshawn Lynch bouncing between the fifth and sixth spots.


Injuries and Warnings

LeSean McCoy’s injury should raise some red flags. Set to carry a heavy load in a weak Buffalo offense, he has an injured hamstring which may affect outcomes. As far as QBs, avoid Cam Newton. Newton can be a decent fantasy player every few years, but he just isn’t an efficient or consistent quarterback. Add to that a questionable running game and the recent ACL tear to emerging No. 1 wide-receiver Kelvin Benjamin, and you have a recipe for a downward fantasy spiral. So remember, exercise patience when it comes to drafting QBs, and beware of those nagging injuries to key players.


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