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Exploring The Data Necessary For Making The Smart Wagers

How do you know you are wagering on the right team? Obviously you can never know, but in this age of data and numbers, your educated guess can be pretty well researched. With the MLB regular season winding down, now is the time to find that hot underdog playing its way into the post-season or double down on a last-place team riding a wave of youthful energy. The key is to know where to look.

What the Data Can Tell You

Whether it’s free baseball picks and parlays or odds to win the World Series, in baseball data is the key to unlocking your winnings. One of the most important stats you can look at is run differential. Its origins are derived from the Pythagorean Expectation, which was invented by baseball statistician and historian Bill James. What you can derive from run differential is more the complexion of a team: is it lucky?

Consider wins and losses as the surface, while run differential allows you to see a team’s total runs as compared to its opponents’ across the whole season. Looking at this can help you set up certain picks and parlays with teams that you may otherwise miss when only looking at standings.

The Winners in 2015

While you would expect a correlation between run differential and standings, it is not always the case. Currently, the Toronto Blue Jays lead the league in run differential, yet they trail the Yankees for first place in the AL East. Another surprise is the Dodgers, who lead the NL West yet trail the second-place Giants in total run differential. Using these more complex team stats can be an added bonus when deciding on free baseball picks and parlays, or if you are looking for that one team with the best chance to win the World Series.

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