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History of the Super Bowl

It’s amazing to think about America before the Super Bowl and betting on the Super Bowl; it is such a cornerstone of American culture that it is hard to imagine the country without it. It is considered by many to be a kind of national holiday, one where more food and drink is consumed than any other day of the year besides Thanksgiving. But Super Bowl Sunday did not always exist—in fact, it is a rather new, but much loved, tradition. Let’s look more closely at the history of the Super Bowl and how it came about, right on the heels of Super Bowl 50, a national holiday to beat all national holidays.

The Birth of the Super Bowl

The origins of the tournament come from a merger agreement between the NFL and its rival league, the American Football League. After this key agreement, each of their tournaments was considered a conference and the Super Bowl became the end tournament, until the merger was complete and they became joined as the NFL. It wasn’t always called the Super Bowl—in fact, this was a moniker that Lamar Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, offhandedly came up with and the name was picked up by the media. Hunt stated later that the reason this name came to him was because he was thinking of his children’s “Super Ball” toy.

It is traditionally played on the first Sunday in February, and is the most-viewed event in television every year. This makes the commercial space for this time extremely expensive, which has caused companies to create the highest priced commercials during this slot. This has helped make the commercial time of the Super Bowl some very interesting viewing.

With Super Bowl 50 just around the corner, it is amazing to see how this tournament became a cultural cornerstone from its rather humble beginnings. If you are looking to bet on the Super Bowl, it should be a game to remember.

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