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How Will the Spurs Do This Year?

As the 2015-2016 NBA season kicks off and it may still be a bit too early for some to tell just how well the San Antonio Spurs will perform this season, it is our NBA prediction that they may just prove themselves a possible contender concerning the championship campaign. With the just the right amount of revamping, resigning and reloading the San Antonio Spurs have charged their roster with some interesting prospects.

Kyle Anderson, for instance, who got his career off to a rocky start, ill performing and eventually finding himself in the D-League to “work on his game.” However, he has more than redeemed himself over the summer season where he went on to win the Summer League MVP award, beating out all of the expected competitors. It is our prediction that he found his rhythm and is in the groove; he will likely be an important asset to the Spurs success this 2015-2016 season. As the coaching staff will work their hardest to keep Tony Parker healthy, they will bring in the lively Patrick Mills, whom it is our belief will produce for the Spurs and give them the chance at the point guard shot that they will need. Additionally, as last year’s Defensive Player of the Year award winner, Kawhi Leonard is always looking to up his game. He has worked strenuously over the summer season and will go forward into the 2015-2016 season with his consistent shooting abilities to put and keep the Spurs on the board.


Overall Outcome

Using our knowledge of sport betting and handicapping, our NBA prediction that with the revamping of the San Antonio Spurs roster for the 2015-2016 season, along with the rookie and veteran player’s cohesive playing style that the Spurs will go forward to cross the seasons finish line as first in the Western Conference.

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