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Is Sports Betting a Numbers Game?

The goal of any bettor is to make profit. However, sports betting is not just a numbers game as many say—in fact, this would be the incorrect way of viewing it and could cost you a long term advantage. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and looking at short term profits as a primary way of gauging your success will cost you time and time again. Focusing too much on the short term causes the bettor to bet on too many games at once, which results in a loss of perspective. The best way to go about it is to let the daily wins and losses take care of themselves and look at the long game.

Betting Statistics and How to Win in the Long Term

A good strategy for the sports handicapperser is to bet on the two good bets for the day, instead of erroneously betting on the third, less liked bet, just because you think you should. That third bet could give you a profit, but it could also cause the handicapper to lose, so stick with the bets you are truly invested in. If the sports handicapper is solely interested in daily profit, he should stay away from something like sports betting and instead invest his money in a CD. Sports betting is not a short term hobby—it requires a long term vision and the ability to lose as well as win on a daily basis. If there are only 4 games worth betting, just bet on those four games. Don’t give it all up in a day.

Hopefully these tips will help you safely and successfully be the best sports handicapper that is looking long term and winning big. Betting is fun and exciting, but also requires skill. The bettor develops this skill by running the marathon and being the tortoise, not the hare.

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