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MLB Baseball Wild Card Race

The wild card race is always an exciting time for MLB fans, giving several teams a chance to go for the championship once again. Our baseball expert picks have been right about many of the teams fighting for top wild card spots throughout the season, but the fight to fill up all the spots still rages on. One of the most recent victories was from the Tigers in a major upset as the Red Sox lost the game and gave up their chance at the position.

By maintaining a better season than the Red Sox by half a game the Tigers were able to secure the second AL wild card spot behind the Blue Jays. That means that the team could still be in the running for the World Series.

The NL West is Wide Open

While the NL East and NL Central races are already pretty much over, there is still a lot going on in the NL West as wild card spots are battled over ferociously. The San Francisco Giant & Los Angeles Dodgers are currently battle not to be a wild card team, with only a game and a half separating them. The second wild card spot for the NL West and could be making an entrance into the playoffs this year for either the St. Louis Cardinals of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Dodgers or Giants look like they’ve already got the first wild card spot locked down, and they are firmly out in front, but it’s possible they will lose some ground to teams like the Giants which could put up a fight for the top spot or really lock in that second spot.

Many wildcard positions are already locked in, but I would keep a close eye on NL West to see which team comes out ahead. For a free sports prediction, look at the Giants, the Rockies or the Dodgers taking one of those two spots. Baseball betting is tough, but it’s especially difficult when the results are as up in the air as they are this year for these wildcard positions.

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