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The Road To October: Mlb Betting Trends As The Regular Season Heads To The Finish Line

With the MLB trade deadline out of the way, teams’ rosters are taking their final shapes. If you’re looking for “futures” bets as the post season approaches, checking the new acquisitions and odds changes, as well as historic trends in the month of August, will help paint an accurate prediction for the playoff picture. Let’s take a quick look at the MLB betting trends for the last third of the season:

Looking at the Everyday Trends

There are several MLB betting trends to look at when deciding which wagering route to take. If you’re already honing in on a particular game then you can begin parsing some historical data to reveal the best wager. How are particular teams on the road versus at home? Obviously, starting pitcher is a huge factor, but go a bit further—what do the last five starts for each starter look like? Is there a glaring stat when comparing and contrasting teams, like bullpen and blown saves for one team versus late inning rallies for another? Day to day and weekly data can provide stark evidence of the hot picks for greater success.

Historical Trends and Miscellaneous Data

When choosing between betting lines, whether over/under, parlay chances, or teams versus the spread, historical data can also come into play. Fans of certain teams can be aware of months in which a team historically tends to underperform. Certain ballparks also spark different trends in line movement and wagers. Some parks are notoriously hitter’s parks, like Coors Field. While other parks’ dimensions give pitchers a decided advantage, most notably AT&T Field.

Lastly, looking at teams head-to-head in series and MLB betting trends of wagers can allow you to pick the game in the series with the most accuracy. For example, if a team loses the first game of a series their odds for winning the last game may go higher. Using the data available and watching the latest MLB betting trends of both the lines and the public’s wager can allow you to carve out your own path for success.

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