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MLB: Biggest Shocker this Season

Second basemen are traditionally not very good at hitting the ball. That’s because playing second base is demanding and it’s something that only the very best are capable of doing. If you’re sitting in that position, you probably don’t have too much time to train for batting proficiency, and that’s exactly why most people don’t expect a second baseman to hit very capably. That’s not so this year. And that’s something that sports betting experts could never have predicted.

Second Basemen Outhitting Left Fielders and Designated Hitters

Here are from free betting tips, left fielders and designated hitters are usually added to teams in order to make them more capable offensively. They are the players that hit the balls out of the park regularly and they are the guys that don’t have too many other jobs to worry about. They can head off to batting practice more than anything else, and as long as they are capable of doing their jobs while out in the field there aren’t any issues. This year, it’s the second basemen that are performing better than many of the other players on the team.

According to recent statistics, first basemen and second basemen are hitting about the same. Second baseman isn’t the most difficult defensive position out on the field, but it’s definitely more demanding than all the others listed above. That’s why it’s so surprising that players in it are doing as well as they are.

While there were major upsets throughout the season, and it seemed like the Phillies were defying all logic early on in the season, the performance of the second basemen while at bat has been the most surprising thing for me this year. When baseball expert picks are made the second basemen are never expected to do as well as they have been this year, even on top-ranked teams like the Yankees. That’s why it’s such a big deal and something that’s worth taking a look at.


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