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MLB: Do the Cubs Have what it Takes to win the World Series

The Chicago Cubs have slowly been improving and working their way toward a world series victory, but is this year the one where you want to bet on the team winning the World Series. Sports betting experts don’t think so.

Plenty of Talent

There is more than enough talent on the Cubs side to win them a World Championship or two. There aren’t even any noticeable weak points in the team’s armor. But having the talent isn’t always enough to win the games, and the Cubs just aren’t ready mentally to take over the World Series.

They Need to Fail First

If you take a look at the Kansas City Royals, you’ll see a lot of the current day Cubs in the team from just a few years ago. They managed to come within a finger’s reach of the World Series title in 2015, but it took losing while being that close to the victory in order for the team to be ready to overcome everyone and finally take the title. I firmly believe that’s exactly what the Cubs need to do. They need to play their hearts out this season and get within grasping distance of the World title. Once there they’ll get the motivation they need to improve and really fight to take the Championship the following year.

There are a lot of baseball expert picks on the team this year, and as long as they can play together well and live up to their potential I believe that a World Series win is possible, just not this upcoming season. Give the team a few more years and you’ll see a win that nobody expected to happen. Just don’t make the mistake of following along with the minority of sports betting experts and betting on the Cubs to take the title, or you’ll likely be out some money in the process.

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