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NBA: Are the Cavaliers and LeBron Worth Betting On?

Are the Cavaliers and LeBron worth betting on? The NBA season has just begun, but the word in the world of sports and sports betting is that Cleveland, and not Golden State, is the clear favorite to win the Championship. NBA predictions stem from the fact that even with LeBron carrying his entire team on his back during the 2015 NBA playoffs, the Cavs pushed the best team to 6 games.

LeBron and his Cavaliers did amazing things, considering that their second and third best players were out with injuries. This year, of course, the Cavs’ roster will be fuller and more powerful, thanks to the return of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.


The Cavs Are Back

It’s got to be expected that adding these top-role players will make the Cavaliers deeper and more dynamic in their playoff run.

The Westgate LV Superbook opened betting on the 2016 NBA title with the Cavaliers at 9 to 4, followed by the Warriors and the Thunder at 5 to 1.

The gap between the Cavs and the Warriors and Thunder is sizeable. Following this gap, we’re looking at another huge difference between the Warriors and Thunder and the Clippers (at 10 to 1), the Spurs (12 to 1), and the Bulls (12 to 1). The Hawks, Pelicans, and Rockets all trail at 20 to 1.


An Easy Road in the East

Many analysts and sport betting experts are saying that the Thunder can easily make a run. Some say that the Clippers need stronger bench play to win the Championship.

The odds of the Cavaliers winning the whole thing are lower, because they get to play in the East. The Cavs don’t have to get past the Thunder, Clippers, and Spurs to reach the finals. When you take a look at what this team must face in the playoffs, it stands to reason that they have a greater chance of coming out way ahead.

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