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NBA / Are the Lakers and Kobe Worth Betting On?

In the land of NBA predictions, Kobe and the Lake Show have had quite the mountain to overcome. Last year in the off-season, they lost Gasol to the Bulls and Jodie Meeks to the Pistons. They couldn’t acquire Carmelo or LeBron, no matter what they tried. In March, Steve Nash announced his retirement. Finally, the NBA season opened with only one win in ten games, and no one could’ve predicted it would result in the worst record in franchise history for the Lakers.

There was a great deal of good that came out of the 2014-15 year, however. The powers that be replaced D’Antoni with Byron Scott in July, a decision that many fans approve of. Julius Randle shows a lot of promise this season, and by drafting Jordan Clarkson the team got a great complement to Kobe. And it still has key roles in Nick Young, Jordan Hill, and Ryan Kelly.

All of the news this past year begs the question: Are the Lakers and Kobe worth betting on?

After using our betting strategy, with nly a few games into the preseason, the Lakers have another opening that leaves something to be desired. (Only three teams’ records in the division are worse, and those teams haven’t played as many games.) And the Lakers win on Sunday was a bit pyrrhic, since the team they defeated – Maccabi Haifa of Israel’s Premier League – is not even an NBA team. That said, no one can deny the resounding success of a 43-point massacre, as well as Kobe’s 21-point total and four 3-pointers.

If we see this latest win as a morale-booster, then The Machine’s picks NBA prediction certainly leans toward a bet on Kobe and the Lakers. One key factor: the new class must fill in the gaps in offense/defense – particularly the void left by Pau Gasol. Also, if Kobe continues to emphasize fundamentals as he did in the game with Maccabi Haifa, then the Lakers will definitely be worth putting your money on.

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