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NBA Best Bets: Consistent Teams to Bet on

It’s important to get some free basketball betting tips before beginning to stake money on a team. It is also valuable to have a good idea what teams are a good, consistent win before diving in. While some teams are underdogs that can miraculously make it to the big times, safe bets are important to note as well, especially for the inexperienced bettor. Common advice for beginning sports bettors is to bet on favorites, so the following will give you an idea of the most consistently good NBA teams that are safe to bet on.

NBA Picks for Team Favorites

No team is more on fire than the Golden State Warriors. This would be a safe bet to make, as they are ranked the best team this season. No NBA team has been able to avoid a 2 game losing streak at some point in the season, but at a recent game, while missing 4 key players, the Warriors racked up 35 assists and won the game anyway. This is the team to bet on because it looks like they could break records. Another excellent team is the San Antonio Spurs. They’re the first team to start 20-0 at home since the Rockets in 1985. A great team is the Oklahoma City Thunder, whose record is 16-2 overall. While they are not in the spotlight much, they have consistently done well. And the sports fan cannot forget the Cleveland Cavaliers, who rank number three in defensive efficiency and have a very skilled player in LeBron James.

It looks like these teams are the ones to watch for and would be safe bets moving into the finals. When push comes to shove, these teams are the ones that have truly stood out and consistently do excellent work on the court. For more free tips and tricks for sports betting be sure to check out our free daily sports picks.

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