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NBA Betting Tips

There is nothing like NBA basketball to make you want to bang your head against the wall. Why is this? Mainly because it is an unpredictable game, with one seemingly unbeatable team getting the snot beaten out of them the next day. The reason for this volatility is because the games are played every day—an aspect of the sport that is also the reason it is such a popular game to watch. For sports bettors in particular, this characteristic of the basketball season is doubly frustrating. Here are some basketball betting tips that can help the novice gain some much-needed clarity and knowledge so that the irritation won’t be as severe.

Free Sports Betting Tips

One key to understanding basketball is in knowing about the home court advantage. While some people think this is not as important as one would think, it does hold a good deal of influence and should not be forgotten. It is also valuable to expect the unexpected in basketball, so don’t get too comfortable—things change up regularly.

Differentiate between home and away performances as well. For example, the Mavericks were a rare team that played just as well away as at home, so they were somewhat dismal against the spread at home, but really solid as visitors. Home and away scoring should be critically observed as well. How high or low they score during a game affects the point spread accordingly. Finally, search for overvalued and undervalued teams. There will be some teams that are way too popular, while there are others that are underdogs. Underdogs are harder to predict, but that’s what makes them so fun to watch.

Hopefully these free NBA betting tips will give you insight into basketball betting. These strategies and tips should help the novice bettor get a good idea of how basketball works and how to bet.

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