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NBA: How Well Will The Celtics Do This Year

Looks like another good season for the Boston Celtics. Not only did they bring on two veteran essential – Amir Johnson and David Lee – but they also brought back 10 players from a second half winning streak. Off to a good start with 24 wins over 36 games, if the Boston Celtics kept up that pace they would finish with 55 wins!(?) That is not all that likely, however, it is likely that they will continue to do good things on the court and win basketball games.

Over the years the Boston Celtics have earned a name for themselves as one of the league’s more aggressive franchises. With their wild trades and their dizzying asset collections anything truly is possible with the Boston Celtics. As far as this 2015-2016 season goes though, there is one thing that we know for certain, and that is that the Boston Celtics will play 82 games over a five month period, of which they will lose some and win some. How is that for a NBA prediction?

2015-2016 Boston Celtics Prediction

The Boston Celtics have all of the right parts in all of the right places and this season all these pieces will fall right into place where they are needed. Their well-rounded roster of first-round drafts and veteran big boys give this team what they need to make it to the championship playoffs.

That being said, this season Stevens’ team will pick up where they left off during the 2014-2015 season, making the best of its contributions from newcomers and riding the heat from its guards. Our expert sports predict believe that the Boston Celtics will do well this year, maybe even reach the playoffs. They just need to fend off the powerful Chicago Bulls.

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