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NBA Predictions, New York Knicks

The Knicks have been called an “enigma” recently by watchers of basketball. While their roster looks quite promising, last season they played pretty lousily despite an upgraded team—so lousy that it was the worst season in the franchise’s history. Even so, Charles Barkley, a longtime critic of the Knicks, has stated that he believes they could improve greatly this season and make the playoffs. Sportscasters and longtime watchers have made their NBA predictions relating to the Knicks, and all in all their expectations for the team are modest at best. Even so, most believe they will improve this season, especially in some key areas.

For one, it has been predicted that they won’t suffer as many injuries this season. The Knicks have lost more games to injury in the past 10 years than any other team in the NBA, but the team has purged many of its most injury-prone players so this issue should subside. Another prediction is that their defense will improve this year, but still be in the NBA’s bottom half. Of the 31 teams in NBA history that have won 17 or fewer games in a season, 17 of them go on to win 25 or fewer games the next year. Many critics believe they will barely scrape beyond this prediction, with some foreseeing 27 winning games this year.

When it comes to NBA betting, it is hard to find a bigger underdog than the Knicks. While the likelihood of them winning a lot of games is small, it is still wise to look beyond the sneers of the majority and recognize potential in the team for the future and acknowledge that there could be modest improvement this year. Even with improvement, however, there is a very low chance of them really getting over the hump. Maybe in a few more years the kinks will work out and the team will truly shine.

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