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NBA – Who Will Win the West?

As we head into the beginning of the 2015-2016 NBA season, the offseason favorites to win the 2016 NBA Western Conference Championship are the San Antonio Spurs. Early NBA predictions put the Spurs and Tim Duncan ahead of reigning Champs, the Golden State Warriors, and in front of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, and Houston Rockets.


The Odds

Many are placing the Spurs as the +200 favorites to win the NBA Western Conference in 2016. The defending Champions, the Warriors, sit a step behind on betting lines at +300. The Thunder are at +450 and the Clippers are slated at +600. The Rockets round out the top of the list at +900. After the Rockets, there’s a huge gap as the Memphis Grizzlies come in at +1600.

The NBA odds are in favor for the Spurs to win the Championship game sit at 5 to 2. The Warriors follow them at 3 to 1, and OKC rests at 7 to 2.


Why the Spurs?

If you thought the San Antonio Spurs were too old to win a Conference Championship, you may have thought wrong. It can be said that they were just waiting for a good time to replenish their talent pool. During the past off-season, the Spurs did just that. They landed free agent LaMarcus Aldridge, a coveted player who should prove beneficial for the team. The Spurs also signed power forward David West for hardly any money at all, which shows they mean business on and off the court.


Don’t Count Out Those Warriors

Many people, perhaps even Curry himself, find it “funny” that the Warriors aren’t the favorites to win the Championship. After all, the team dominated the 2014-2015 season. They recently locked up Draymond Green, and they still have their core in tact. So, while we agree with the NBA predictions that the Spurs should win it all, we’ll never count out the Dubs entirely.


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