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NCAA Basketball: Do Holiday Games Predict the Future?

Do Holiday tournaments predict the future? In some instances, they seem to. UConn, for example, won two national titles in 2010 and 2013 after stellar holiday game wins. Running on the energy from these exciting tournaments, many college teams propel themselves all the way to the top. NCAA basketball predictions take the ego-inflating power of these types of achievements into account when betting on what team will ultimately be dominant throughout the season.

These wins don’t always predict a national title, however, and this needs to be taken into account in NCAA basketball betting. While the confidence boost can and does occasionally make these teams fly high, sometimes complacency resulting from a win can make these same teams unable to deliver.

What is helpful about watching these games is the inside look it gives to a team’s potential strengths and weaknesses. Based on the outcome of the games, the bettor has a good idea of the kind of talent on the court which can assist him or her in future assessments. Also, with so much riding on tournaments like these, the bettor can see for himself whether these teams can handle the spotlight.

Judging from the Thanksgiving week tournaments, it looks like we have some major contenders in Syracuse, Monmouth, West Virginia, Xavier and Kansas. Other teams’ stock fell as they shrank from the spotlight, including Wichita State, CAL, LSU, Indiana, and Arkansas. With this information, a bettor has a good idea of who will be most likely to rise the farthest this season, as well as who is fading into the background.

Whether these holiday games will predict the future winners has yet to be seen. We must wait a little longer to see for ourselves, but surely the bettors are deciding which teams are worth backing at this juncture and eagerly awaiting the ultimate results.

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