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NCAA Basketball Kentucky Prediction

We look to yet another NCAA basketball season with Kentucky being among the best team in the nation. That being said, even with their highly talented team and much experience, nothing is guaranteed in this sport.

This year with a mostly new roster, it is difficult to know just what to expect in terms of Kentucky NCAA basketball predictions. For those who are into NCAA basketball betting, hopefully we can give you something here that you can use.

Bold Predictions About the 2015-2016 NCAA Kentucky Basketball Season

Here are a few bold NCAA predictions that may either help you in your bets or prove to be outlandishly far off. At this point, who knows, a lot an happen in this game.

  • Last season, despite the platoon that really limited him, Tyler Ulis was able to demonstrate excellent vision and handling that more than compensated for his 5’9 build. He was able to provide 3.6 assists in 22.8 seconds per game. With a role on the roster that will likely be a starting role and more minutes to his advantage this season we predict he will lead the nation in assists.
  • Though this squad of men is tremendously talented, the mostly new roster will lead to a team that is not quite as good as the 2014-2015 version. With the team being young and inconsistent we can expect many mistakes. That being said, Kentucky will lose at least 5 times in SEC play.
  • With a more than capable roster of shooters, it may seem bizarre to predict that less than 20 percent of Kentucky’s shots will come from the 3-point range.
  • Even though the starting lineup features one sophomore and 3 freshmen, we predict that it is the upperclassmen that will play the biggest role on the court this season.


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