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NCAA Basketball Predictions, Miami Hurricanes

The Miami Hurricanes are a very interesting team at this juncture. This time last year, it was unknown how they would fare because they had nine newcomers. Now we know—they reached as high as No. 15 in the polls and made the NIT final. Now that the former newbies are a bit more seasoned for the 2015 season, NCAA basketball predictions state that they could get into the top 25 and remain there. They are true up-and-comers and are projected to only improve from here.

They are not known as a blue blooded, elite team. In a sense they have underdog status at this time, but it shouldn’t stop them from attempting—and hopefully succeeding—in getting into the NCAA tournament this year.

In the front-court, Tonye Jekiri has learned how to defend without as many fouls and could be one of the ACC’s all-around big men this year. He also has the potential for a career in the NBA and with the introduction of the new players, has more help on the court. The backcourt is impressive, with Sheldon McClellan averaging 14.5 points a game and possibly earning a future spot in the NBA as well. His running mate, point guard Angel Rodriguez, is less predictable but hopefully will have a smoother season this year than last.

Out expert sport betting analysis believe that this year’s team is not expected to be as strong as the Hurricanes in the 2012-2013 season, a team that won the ACC title to the shock of everyone watching. Even so, comparisons have been made between them, which adds to the excitement of watching the Hurricanes in 2015. For the purposes of NCAA basketball betting, they are definitely a team to watch and research, because it is possible that they could be real contenders in the future.

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