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NCAA Basketball Predictions

It’s hard to know how a basketball season will pan out, but a lot can be gleaned by looking at past seasons and recognizing patterns. Depending on who’s on the court, much can be determined. What can we see as predictions for the rest of the 2015-2016 season? Let’s look at the teams and see what we can uncover.

For one, our NCAAB predicts are that during this season as a whole, experience rules. A few seasons ago, there was a glut of freshmen across the board. Now, we have more seasoned veterans. Teams like Michigan State and Kansas have some of the top upperclassmen players countrywide. Experienced play has been common across the board, which can make for interesting viewing.


Who will take the Title? Guide for NCAA Basketball Betting

Sport betting predictions for this season were varied and not uniform, which usually means that there won’t be cut and dry, obvious results. This can make for an exciting season where anything can happen. Some say Kentucky at Kansas would be the runaway winner, or Kentucky vs. Duke—some even predict North Carolina at Texas.

The reasons both Kentucky and Kansas seem to be favorites is that they are known for being two of the winningest programs in the league. Even though Kentucky is loaded with newcomers, they represent one of the top recruiting classes this year, so they should be watched closely. But, again, with newcomers, it becomes a tossup, making it an interesting betting environment.

In the words of one expert sport predictor, this season “promises to be delightfully unhinged”. Usually there are around 7 teams that could be predicted to go all the way, but this year there are at least 10 that could make the cut. With this kind of environment, anything goes. Both fans and experts alike look excitedly at a season that will most likely have an unexpected dark horse win the championship.

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