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NCAA Basketball Preseason Prediction

There is no way that the final week of NCAA basketball preseason would be complete without a some NCAA predictions, that might in a few months either look wildly accurate.

So, without further ado, here are some off the wall predictions for this NCAA basketball season, that may or may not help you if you are into NCAA betting.

What Teams Will Rank # 1?

Since North Carolina is already number 1 we will include them in our predicted # 1 ranks. It is predicted that Kentucky will climb to the top, at which Maryland will threaten their slot. In addition to North Carolina, Kentucky and Maryland, Virginia and Kansas are among the best teams in the country. The ACC big 12 and Big ten will likely beat up on each other leaving no. 1 ranks to change hands on a weekly basis.

Who Will The Best Dunker In College Basketball Be?

UNLV’s 6’6 freshman from Philly – the 30th ranked recruit in 2015 by ESPN – Derrick Jones, is likely to be the hands down winner for best dunker in NCAA basketball.

How will the Big 6 Conferences Rank?

ACC, Big 12, Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC, Big East. Since Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia all thought to be in this season’s top five it just makes sense that the ACC slips into first.

Which Team That Will Not Place In The Preseason Top 25 Will Have The Best Chance At The Final Four?

Texas A&M should have the best chance of reaching the final four after not being included in the preseason top 25. They have all the ingredients needed to have a great season: talent, experience, scoring ability and depth.

Which Team Will Literally Drop The Ball In March?

Likely it will be Kansas. This is a team that is more built for the regular season. Though they have a great roster, they are more dominant at home and really do not have any “extra-gear” in terms of what might push them through in March. For more free sport predictions be sure to see out full line of NCAAB and other sport predictions.

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