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NCAA Basketball Sleepers

Sleepers are an exciting and important aspect of NCAA basketball predictions. In every season for the last five years, a No. 4 seed or lower has made it to the championship as the underdog. Because of this, NCAA basketball betting can be quite satisfying and challenging to the bettor, who tries to discover who that special team will be.

Who could it be this year? There are several contenders, including Baylor, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Northern Iowa. What makes a sleeper team are several special ingredients. Baylor, for example, has a remarkable defense that comes in waves and utterly destroys the offense. Even with this strength, they are weak on free throws which could cost them a close game and in the matchup department, they are lacking. The strong defense of many of the teams they will play will throw them for a loop.

Oklahoma has an elite defense and an elite starting lineup, but they are in a tough bracket this year and have the odd inclination to lose games they should be winning. North Carolina has an excellent offense, but they often go into stagnation. Northern Iowa is an efficient team, but have not been tested with truly elite competition this year, so it is hard to say how they would perform.

All of these aspects of the potential sleeper team this year are extremely important to know for sports handicapper, who should have a great deal of team research under his belt before throwing his hat in the ring. In NCAA basketball betting, you need as much information as possible, generally, and even more information on something like a sleeper team, which carries with it less assurance than a fan favorite. But it is this aspect of NBA basketball betting that can be the most challenging and gratifying for the bettor, as the results are generally unknown and end up being surprising.

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