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NCAA Football Prediction: Alabama

Alabama started off slow in the 2015 season, but by the end of the year they were taking their enemies by storm. They have a punishing offensive lineup and a defense that just doesn’t quit. That’s why my NCAA football prediction this year is that Alabama will have a repeat of last season and stomp over the opposition.

Slow to Get Started

It’s likely that the team will take a little bit to build up its momentum. Alabama tends to be a slow starter and the quarterback really has to get in the zone before he starts performing up to his potential, but that doesn’t matter. The team will start off having trouble beating its opponents, and it’s possible they will lose to Ole Miss, but that doesn’t matter because the slow start won’t last long.

Hitting Their Stride

After several initial games Alabama is going to start punishing players to the extreme. The team will pull together like a well-oiled machine and take most of their games that they’re confronted with, or at least that’s what I fully expect to happen.

If you’re looking for good NCAA football betting odds, Alabama is a solid team to try your luck with. Just make sure that you bet on the team when it comes up against some of its tougher opposition so that you get decent payouts from your efforts. It’s rare that a team that did as well as Alabama does just as well in the following season, but since the team’s lineup hasn’t changed much, I fully expect that to be the case, and the expert football handicappers don’t see any reason to believe otherwise either.

The excellent performance by Alabama might even be enough to get coach Nick Saban his fifth national title, making him one of the most recognized college coaches of all time.

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