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NCAA Football Prediction: USC Trojans

The USC Trojans are one of the most difficult teams to make predictions for currently as Clay Helton is just taking over as the full-time head coach this season, that said, the team has a lot to offer. If you’re planning on doing any NCAA football betting, it’s best that you wait to see how the team performs in their first game and then decide how you believe the rest of the season is going to go after you see what Helton can do.

A Tough Season

The Trojans are full of talented players, but they also face a difficult schedule. They open up against defending national champions, Alabama, and have to go against Stanford, Washington and Utah as well as Notre Dame throughout the season. This is a difficult season for even the most seasoned teams, and there is a lot going on with the Trojans this year.

Breaking in a New Quarterback

Not only does the team have a new head coach that has to get acclimated to making the calls, but it also has a brand new quarterback, that has to be broken in and must prove himself still. There are a lot of questions currently surrounding the Trojans that have to be answered, but fans fully expect the team to do well throughout the season.

Sport betting experts don’t think they will be able to overcome teams like Alabama or Arizona State, but some of the mid-level teams they face off against, they shouldn’t have any trouble beating. The Trojans should have a positive season, though they might not win any titles or nationals this season. It will be easier to make accurate predictions after we see how both the new coach and quarterback do under pressure, both are still too green for exact predictions to be made about the team.

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