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NFL Football Betting Tips

When it comes to simple wager betting on the National Football League, over/under is a doozy. Though the idea behind such a wager is simple, where if the combined score is more than the bettors listed number than the game is said to play “over the total.” Likewise, if the combined score is less than the listed number than the game is said to play “under.” It is the actual wagering and handicapping of the over/under that is the difficult part.

Over/Under Betting Tips

There are numerous factors that play essential roles in the NFL Football betting over/under wager which include offensive and defensive rankings, whether the game is home or away, weather conditions, turf conditions and trends.

There are general rules of thumb with regard to betting the NFL over/under, here are just a few.
  • Bet your ‘overs’ early on in the week and save the ‘unders’ for the latter part. This is because the total number generally rises as the week progresses as a result of public bettor’s behaviors.
  • Square bettors swear that bad weather (i.e. high winds or heavy rain) results in an ‘under’ game. This is not always the case as the defensive side of the ball has just as much trouble in inclement weather as the offense.
  • Casual bettors prefer high scoring games and so they place their bets according to their ‘feelings.’ This results in the public betting numbers to rise consequently. Thus, take care to snatch your ‘overs’ early and your ‘unders’ later in the week.
  • Watch the movement of the line throughout the week and adjust your over/under strategy accordingly. As sharp betting behavior, injuries and weather can affect the line movement, so do your homework and stay on top of your game, so to speak.

Also, be mindful to tap into other resources to gain access expert’s best bets, trends notices, and betting tips.

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