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NFL Football Predictions: Dallas Cowboys

It’s hard to be too confident about the Dallas Cowboys after an absolutely horrendous 4-12 season in 2015, but it’s our football betting advice that the team is going to do surprisingly well this year. Maybe not the 12-4 record that they’re hoping for, but certainly better than last year. The team has a few key things on their side this year. Tony Romo, Orlando Scandrick and Dez Bryant will all be back with the team and playing at full health once again. This should help make the team substantially better overall, and could give it enough power to beat some teams it lost to in the past.

The First Few Games

During the very first game of the season the Cowboys are going to triumph over their NFC East rivals the New York Giants. They aren’t even going to struggle as much as they did to come out with a victory this year as they did in 2015. The Cowboys have done very well in the last three games at FedEx Field and the same is going to happen in their next game against the Redskins.

They aren’t going to crush the team, but they’ll play confidently and manage to edge them out at the last minute of the game. Next the team will go up against the Bears, and they’ll be crushed down by them just like the last two times they faced off at AT&T Stadium. Somehow the Bears always seem to get the best of them here. After that the Cowboys will get a win against the 49ers because they will be prepared to keep up with the pace of play in this matchup.

Overall the Cowboys will have a stronger season than they did last year, but they aren’t going to be taking home any championships. They’ll get close to making the playoffs, or they may even make it into the first few rounds only to be knocked out of the running. If you’re looking for free sports picks for football betting advice, it makes sense to keep an eye on the Cowboys because they will have a lot of unexpected games up ahead.

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