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NFL Football Predictions: Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a rough season last year, but this is the year that they’re going to pick things up and start off a bit more adeptly. If you’re looking for solid football betting advice, it’s to keep your eye on the Steelers because they could be the ones to take over AFC North this year. Sure, there is some stiff competition to face off against, but with a capable set of players the team can go far this year.

The First Games

The very first game is going to be a nice solid win for the Steelers. That’s because they are facing the Redskins, a team that they’ve beaten 5 out of the last 5 times they’ve faced them. That’s a pretty good confidence booster for the team that is going to make them believe they have what it takes to win. Next the Steelers go up against the Bengals, and they are going to do good here as well, though they will have to work a bit harder to do so. Luckily Vontaze Burfict isn’t going to be present for the Bengals during the match, which is just the edge that the Steelers need to come out ahead. The very first loss for the team is going to come from the third match, against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers just seem to have trouble winning when playing in Philadelphia and they’ve lost the last eight games there for some reason. The Eagles are going to overcome against the Steelers thanks to excellent guidance from new coach Doug Pederson.

Overall the Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot to be excited about this upcoming season. Any football betting expert will tell you that they have a good shot to do well throughout 2016, and if you are thinking of someone to bet on, you should at least consider trying out the Steelers. They should perform well and give their fans a heck of a show in the process.


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