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NFL Midseason Roundup

As of yet every team in the nation has played at least eight games, making this just about as close to halfway through the season as you can get. For all of you out there that are into NFL betting, here is a quick mid-season recap that may potentially help you with your future NFL predictions.

Midseason Prediction Refresher

As we reach the 2015 NFL halfway point it is important to refresh NFL predictions with regards to the AFC and NFC playoff contenders, championship games and Super Bowl potentials.

  • AFC Playoff Contenders – With a defense that is really starting to flex its muscle and show its strength the Cincinnati Bengals have been starting to show their power on all levels. With their recent win over the Steelers in week 8, the Bengals have now built a cushion that makes them nearly uncatchable.
  • NFC Playoff Contenders – Once Aaron Rogers and the rest of the offense can get serious about matching their strong defense, the Packers will be the team that no one can beat in the NFC. It is hard to look past the slew of injuries both the offense and defense have suffered so far this season and still are performing at a level with only two losses.
  • Championship Game – AFC championship game will be the Patriots VS Bengals where the Patriots will take the win simply because they have a much better quarterback. In the NFC championship game expect the Panthers over the Packers. The Panthers as of now have overcome so much and simply continue to push on 8-0. Green Bay’s loss to Denver proves that Aaron Rogers and the rest of the Packer offense can be refuted by a strong defense. Carolina will be this defense.
  • Super Bowl 50 – Get ready for a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Carolina will be Super Bowl 50’s sweetheart as the underdog. This could give them the confidence and momentum needed to take out Brady, but at the end of the day Brady and the Patriot offense will be too much for the Panthers to handle. The Patriots will take the win.

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